WARNING…not suitable for vegetarians!

Something for 'The Beast' to get excited about!

We’re having a quiet Sunday today after a VERY busy couple of days, thanks to two labour intensive chores, both needing fairly immediate attention. Isn’t that always the way?

On Thursday, we had a fast-food delivery of logs for ‘The Beast’, which has been on a diet of solid fuel for the past few days after devouring every scrap of wood around the place! It has a real taste for timber and is behaving perfectly once more after being in a bit of a sulk during the dietary change. You wouldn’t think that a lump of iron could be so fussy!

Also on Thursday, Kevin collected a pig carcass which we’ve bought from a breeder of happy pigs on Raasay, an island off Skye. (Check out the ‘piglet provider’ link on the right for an entertaining blog!) We’ve had weaners from him in the past and now that we don’t rear pigs of our own any more, his are the next best thing. We’ve been seriously pork-less for months now as we weren’t organized enough to order one in time for last autumn. THAT won’t happen again, I can tell you!

Toasting the pig!

Match made in Heaven!

After our routine shopping trip on Friday, our afternoon was spent butchering the beast – after toasting the animal with a wee dram of course! – and making the cure for the hams. We’re using a Whiltshire cure this time, Kevin’s favourite, deliciously aromatic with beer and treacle! At the end of all the sawing, chopping, boning and freezer-packing, we indulged ourselves with some delicious fresh pig’s liver and a poached duck egg. Mmmmmm…..!

Yesterday was even busier! After spending most of the morning making sausages and chorizo, the rest of the day was taken up by about fifty wheelbarrow trips transporting the seemingly never shrinking pile of logs from the front garden, via a maze of shrubbery and sheds, to the back garden. I swear that my arms must have stretched by several inches and Kevin has the appearance of a letter ‘C’ after all the stooping and stacking!

Sausage making

Sausages and hams

Chorizo sausages

Although it’s been a tiring couple of days, it’s very satisfying to know that we have plenty of food stored for both ourselves and ‘The Beast’!

Anyway, after tales of butchery and barrows, I’ll end with something cute…our wee chicks, who are now just over one week old, aaahh!

growing well


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