Lovely surprise!

Just a mini blog today to share Friday’s lovely surprise! We were getting a wee bit concerned about the eggs in the incubator as although 16 of the original 21 looked fine after candling on day 17, hatching was overdue by more than a day. It was lovely therefore, when we returned from our weekly shopping trip, to find four newly hatched chicks!

Shopping day surprise!

By the end of the day the remaining chicks had arrived, except for three. By the following afternoon there were no further developments other than an occasional ‘cheep’ from one of the eggs. Drastic measures were neccessary therefore to release the occupant of the noisy egg, using a warm, damp cloth and tweezers to help chip away the stubborn shell.  Eventually the exhausted chick arrived safely in the world and went to join its pals once its feathers had dried. Unfortunately, one of the remaining eggs hadn’t pipped but even more upsetting, the occupant of the third egg had died during hatching. It’s very sad to see a seemingly perfect, fully formed wee bird  that doesn’t quite make it into the world.

The first group of chicks awaiting 'transport by hat' to more spacious surroundings!


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