There’s still hope!

Over the weekend we were plunged back into winter with snow, sleet and gale force wind. That particular wind was whistling down the glen straight from Russia – without love – I can assure you! Speaking to my dad in Lancashire, where conditions remained spring-like, he asked if the snow was sticking. Not much chance of that as it was travelling horizontally at speed, not even getting chance to touch the ground, let alone stick! Who knows where it was finally deposited. Maybe there’s a great wall of snow on the shores of the Waternish peninsula opposite!

But thankfully, there’s still hope as we huddled around ‘The Beast’ contemplating where spring had gone. Spring, in fact, was still here, evidence being all around…

First peas in the polytunnel

Brave broad bean!

Cucumbers, chilli peppers, lettuce

Having suspected that both Muscovy ducks are laying away somewhere, at least one of them has decided that home is best! I discovered these two eggs on Monday, and now there are five!

Some eggs at last!

The icy interlude has passed, temperatures are rising and the birds have resumed their singing. Sex is seemingly becoming an Olympic event here among the domestic bird population, nothing new where Snowball the cockerel is concerned, but MacRae, not content with his own five ladies,  is once again lusting after Biggles who, it has to be said, is being a bit of a tease!

How did she do that?

Meanwhile, Huff is not averse to grabbing the odd passing Cherry B, although his heart belongs to Puff, when he can manage to catch her! Regular visitors to Garybuie’s blog may recall a couple of weeks ago when Puff discovered birdseed on the log store roof. Huff could only look on longingly, vertical take-off being just something of dreams. Yesterday however, his dream came true, the only problem being that Puff had relocated to a different roof!  She certainly makes poor Huff work at this whole courtship thing!

Wrong roof!


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