Back to square one!

Well, it’s back to square one with the weather today! We’ve had varying degrees of wet, windy and distinctly chilly since Sunday, certainly enough to put spring WAY to the back of our minds! It was quite a shock to wake up to horizontal snow driving past the bedroom window but thankfully, it’s only managed to stick on the higher ground of the ridge.

More snow!

Fortunately, the spell of good weather stayed with us until Saturday, so we took advantage and had our first trip of the year out on the bike with our fellow biking companions, Andy and Brian. Our destination was lunch at the Cluanie Inn on the road to Inverness. The scenery was stunning, the colours sharp and the air was definitely fresh – in more ways than one!

View from the Cluanie Inn

At least there’s one good thing about this current cold snap – ‘The Beast’ is on its best behaviour since it recovered from its ‘respiratory congestion’ and we now have a warm and cosy house as well as a deliciously hot bath to look forward to each evening!


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