Preparations for spring

With the good weather continuing, we managed to carry out further preparations for spring. The main task was for Kevin, who finally completed the rotivation of the veg plot. A bit of a tedious job but hey, he’s a man, the rotivator is a power tool – of sorts –  and it goes Grrrrrr….what more can I say?  Still, there were a lot of forwards…









and backwards…


and forwards…








Anyway, everything looks neat, tidy and ready for action!

One other minor seasonal preparation was on the livestock front. A couple of the hens, including Broody Brenda, have been laying in the Muscovys’ house, which, after last year’s performance, is DEFINITELY undesirable! Blocking off the duck nesting boxes in a morning solved half of the problem but Brenda, being a determined kinda gal, needed provision of an alternative nesting site to prevent her from choosing somewhere unsuitable. Last year she decided that underneath the coop was ideal but although cosy and safe, mold on old straw and grain resulted in most of her chicks getting a respiratory problem, fatal in some cases.

Box within a box

So, we tried a trick we’ve used before – ‘a box within a box’. This involves putting a one hen-sized nest box just inside a larger coop. The hen can feel safe and it’s a clean environment, a situation that Brenda has gone for in the past. Anyway, it’s worked and she seems happy with it at the moment. The advantage for us is that because we know where she’s laying, each time she produces a new egg, we can exchange it for one from a larger bird. Although she hatched 14 chicks last year and we didn’t know where she had nested, very few of them developed beyond 1 kilo in weight as Brenda is a small Welsommer hen. All we need now is for her to decide to incubate the eggs!

On the duck front, even though MacRae now has five of his own ladies, he’s obviously suffering from spring fever and once again can’t resist chasing poor Biggles! But even MacRae has to gather his strength sometimes and today I noticed him relaxing with his ladies outside the kitchen window.

Taking a break

Chance however, always the water baby, fancied more of a spa – albeit a small one  – for her siesta!

Small spa!


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4 Responses to “Preparations for spring”

  1. Gill Hulse Says:

    Hi there, finally found the comments box! Good to see Kevin hard at work again!

    Jean here this weekend to see an amdram show at Rotherham Civic tonight then meeting more cousins tomorrow for Sunday lunch. What an exciting life we lead!!!

    Lots of luv, Gill & Jean

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Glad you’ve found your bearings once more Gill! With such an exciting life, maybe you should start a blog! Bye the way, it was lovely to see you last month even if it was just for a couple of hours!
      Christine x

  2. Morris Nola Says:

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    • garybuie01 Says:

      Goodness, I’m pleased to have provided something of interest for you after your three hour search!

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