Buds, blooms and blue skies.

Blue skies have been abundant these past couple of days and we’ve taken the opportunity to deal with garden chores, mainly in the veg patch. Some serious weeding was needed and Kevin added lots of compost in readiness for rotivation when the soil dries out a wee bit. I did some re-potting too, so a fairly productive day all in all. It was lovely just to walk around the garden in the warmth of the sun, looking at plants in full bloom and those making preparations to do so.

Roadside perch

Other characters enjoying the spring-like weather are the muscovies. Puff and Biggles are making regular flying trips and Huff does his best to follow. Unfortunately he can’t get the height or manage a great distance like the girls so he has to be content with walking home as they disappear into the distance! When he does get home, more often than not he occupies himself by socializing with MacRae and his ladies, who still don’t understand what he’s huffing about! He did manage one minor feat of athleticism the other day however. Puff and Biggles have recently taken to flying around the field behind us and perching on the gate by the road. Huff usually manages to complete the flight just fine but can’t achieve the final perch – but then he did! He was VERY pleased with himself!

One thing he couldn’t manage though, was a vertical take-off to join Puff who’s recently discovered the wild birds’ feed on top of the log store…

No birdseed for Huff!


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