A bit early for spring fever!


New snoring position!

We got excited at Garybuie towards the end of last week when temperatures rose and there was a definite smell of spring in the air. OK, so I’ve always had a vivid imagination but there’s no harm in thinking positive! It wasn’t just Kevin and I feeling enthused but the hens are back to laying in reasonable quantities and Boris abandoned his usual snoring position somewhere in the vicinity of ‘The Beast’, to the newly warmed conservatory.



Hamie catching the early evening sun

Unfortunately, the spring-like weather didn’t last and we’re back to cooler conditions with a biting south-easterly now and then. Not to be thwarted though, I managed to hang onto the effects of our minor dose of spring fever and made a start on some early horticultural preparations.

Polytunnel preparations

Our seed potatoes arrived just before we went south, so they’re now residing in the polytunnel, chitting hopefully, along with some newly planted peas and broad beans. Meanwhile, in the conservatory I’ve got heated seed trays of cucumber, chilli peppers and lettuce. Also on the productive side of things, I’ve started to collect our first batch of hens’ eggs for the incubator.

The veg patch needs to be prepared soon and most of the veg has finished now apart from some carrots. To help with clearing the site in readiness for rotivation, we’ve called in ‘Garybuie’s gang’ to dispose of all leafy left-overs. They’re having a great time!




Demolition squad!



After mentioning ‘The Beast’ earlier, I have to say that it seems to be emerging from its post-holiday sulk and is behaving quite well once more. Like most beings of a rebellious nature however, now that its respiratory faculties are in tip-top condition after coughing up – or down – some major tarry deposits, it hasn’t had the last word just yet! Now that we have reacquired the correct air-flow, not to mention a new diet of denser larch wood, we seem to be back to square one in judging how to achieve the best burning conditions. What the bolshy Beast forgets though, is that we now have a flue thermometer and so all guesswork has been abolished! Stick that in your ash-pan and smoke it, hah!

Evening stroll in the glen


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