Below the border and bothersome beast!

Stainforth Force and bridge

We’ve just returned from our annual sojourn south of the border in the Yorkshire Dales. Settle this time, in a quirky cottage where we could spend some time with sons, daughters-in-law and other family members. For a change we had no snow but wetter weather had resulted in flooded low-lying fields and some impressive waterfalls. Gordale Scar, below, is one of our old haunts when the boys were young and Matthew fancied a return visit. In years gone by, summer holidays were the more usual time of year for this particular venue, when it was possible to scramble up to the top of the rocky gorge. Not on this occasion though!

No scrambling today!

After a lovely holiday, we’re happy to be back at Garybuie. All the animals seemed pleased to see us but one particular beast had gone into a definite sulk! ‘The Beast’ had seemingly enjoyed its short break so much that when we tried to re-kindle – sorry! – our relationship, co-operation was NOT an option!

Respiratory failure!

After lulling us into believing that everything was just fine and producing a merry flame with the first pieces of wood, some devilish alter-ego stepped in and within moments, thick smoke spewed through the front air vents, filling the room and giving ‘The Beast’ a particularly savage look! After opening all doors and windows, and closing all air vents, some kind of normality was resumed. (Was that a bestial chuckle I heard?)

Anyway, to cut a very long story short, after Kevin poked and wiggled a length of hose-pipe up the flue, then plunged a chimney brush down it – whilst performing a good impression of a limpet on the chimney – a whole lot of dried, shiny, flaky, blackness descended into ‘The Beast’ and continued to do so to varying degrees over the subsequent couple of days. We suspect that this nasty black stuff is dried tar produced during our early, inexperienced burning methods as novice stove owners. After not being in use for ten days, presumably the tarry deposit had the time to cool, flake, fall and block the flue, resulting in serious ‘respiratory’ problems – and bad temper – in ‘The Beast’! Now that all the coughing and spluttering has subsided, we seem to be on amiable terms once more but spend our time nervously checking the flue temperature, determined to avoid the reappearance of the less agreeable side of ‘The Beast’!

Chim-chiminee, Chim-chiminee...


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2 Responses to “Below the border and bothersome beast!”

  1. Roman Says:

    When we arrive in June, I feed the “BEAST” with oatcakes 😉

    I cant wait till its May for holidays in Scotland!

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    That’s great Roman – we could do with a break from feeding duties!!! ‘The Beast’ is far mor demanding than pigs I can tell you!!!

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