Winter pastimes

Plenty o' puddles!

We seem to have returned to the more traditional winter weather of gale force wind and horizontal rain this week! Certainly not conditions for outdoor activities, other than essential animal husbandry chores. Of course the ducks are happy as their favourite waterlogged conditions are just over the fence and while they busy themselves out there all day, the hens take shelter in the duck house! They could hide from the rain in their own house but maybe it’s nice to have a change after being in there all night!

The cats are content to relax indoors however, with no regard at all for the hens’ soggy situation…

Do not disturb!

I must admit that I quite enjoy it when the weather forces us indoors as I don’t feel guilty about indulging in some more leisurely personal pursuits. Kevin and I both enjoy reading and it’s great to have the chance to get lost in a good book for a couple of hours, rather than a snatched chapter here and there. I’ve just finished a book lent to me by our neighbour, Andy, called ‘Silent land’ by Graham Joyce. It’s a lovely, quirky book about the power of love overcoming most things – or can it? I’m not saying any more or it will give too much away! Prior to that, after running out of library books, I re-visited the world of Anne Rice’s vampires, Lestat in particular. It’s over 15 years since I read it last and it was wonderful to rediscover her powerful writing. She doesn’t only deal with vampires – or the odd witch – and two of my favourite books by her are ‘Cry to Heaven’ and ‘Feast of All Saints’.

Kevin, of course, has wildly different tastes and more often than not, has his nose buried in stories of either World War 1 or World War 2, with the odd Crichton or Grisham novel thrown in. This week though, he’s been doing some of his own re-visiting – ‘It’s not about the bike’, by Lance Armstrong.

Latest attempt!

If you happen to have read the page ‘About us’ on the sidebar, then you’ll know that I also enjoy painting. I don’t get to do it as often as I would like but this week has provided the perfect opportunity! I’ve been doing one particular picture, in fits and starts, for the past 18 months! I think I was a wee bit over ambitious really and after keep putting it to one side to do other paintings, I finally completed it and it didn’t turn out too bad –  if you don’t look too closely!!!

(Just as an update, the new website which was causing so much frustration and gnashing of teeth last month, is finally up and running and didn’t result in too many extra grey hairs after all!)


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