Some serious tidying up!

Scene of devastation

The weather’s been great these past few days, albeit in a grey sort of way! Dry, calm and with temperatures hovering around 7C – positively balmy! – the ideal opportunity in fact to venture into the garden and do some serious tidying up! Chores usually carried out at the back-end of the year had to be postponed because of the freezing temperatures and consequently the garden has had an air of neglect about it. But not any more as we’ve made some serious inroads in all things dead or disheveled!

The polytunnel was my starting point and a couple of hours the other day made all the difference.



Ready for spring

Today Kevin tackled a ‘half tree’, a very odd-looking specimen after it was partly felled a couple of years ago to prevent entanglement with the overhead power cable. He seemed happy with his chainsaw and no doubt ‘The Beast’ will be happy with the outcome!

Boy's toy!

My task today was to deal with the rampaging raspberries and get them into some kind of order. Wrong time of year I know, but I had to transplant some of the runners which couldn’t be done during sub-zero temperatures before Christmas. I tried to make sure that all the new canes had a decent root system, so all we can do now is hope for the best.  The blackcurrant bushes also succumbed to some radical snipping of the secateurs!

Regimenting the raspberries!


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