Everybody happy!

Sheltering ducks

It’s that time of year – short days, miserable weather – when not much happens that’s worth reporting. After Kevin disposed of the ARs last week, even animal husbandry duties are much reduced. Lucky and Chance seem to have settled in with Mr. MacRae after the demise of Francis Drake and all the ducks have enjoyed the milder, wetter spell this past few days. Strong winds did drive the ducks to take shelter in the garden on a couple of occasions however, which was quite nice from our point of view as we actually got the chance to see more of them!

Only a couple of snacks!

We did have to rouse ourselves from our very pleasant winter inertia though, as ‘The Beast’ had devoured virtually all our log supply apart from a couple of ‘snacks’. Consequently, two deliveries of wood resulted in a flurry of fairly strenuous activity on our part, to re-stock ‘The Beast’s loggy larder. Many trips with a wheelbarrow laden with wood meant that we left the gate into the vegetable patch open for ease. Never creatures to miss an opportunity, it didn’t take long for Snowball and his hens to take advantage of the situation. The sun was out, the earth in the empty log store was dry, perfect for a long-awaited dust bath and a bit of UV therapy! So between some dry preening for the hens and a wetter option for the ducks out on the saturated croft land, we seemed to have some very happy birds! Hopefully ‘The Beast’ will be happy for a while longer too!

Kevin busy, hens relaxing!

(Bad picture I know but if you really try, you’ll spot the hens on the right!)


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