Farewell to Francis…

Familiar scene

It’s already the 11th January and I’ve only just got around to the year’s first blog. My current excuse – one of many in the year ahead I’m sure – is that we are in the process of transferring our website from an unmanageable format to one which we can modify ourselves. I would have liked to use ‘Wordpress’, the host site for this blog, but they wouldn’t accept the transfer of our ‘Skyetime’ domain name. So, unfortunately for my Ludite-like brain, we had to choose a host which would accept ‘Skyetime’. Although the new site performs similar tasks to ‘Wordpress’, needless to say the way it performs them is completely different! Anyway, after several very frustrating days, including much hair tearing and gnashing of teeth I can tell you, the new-look site is ready to go live! WOW!! Anyone wishing to see the much toiled over new website lay-out, will hopefully be able to do so in a few days time by visiting www.skyetime.org.uk.

Determined to hang on to their re-discovered perch!

Back to more normal Garybuie affairs, the weather is still proving to be a bit of a challenge. After our all too brief respite from the snow over the new-year, it returned with a vengeance overnight last Friday, dumping about 22cms in the glen. Before the arrival of the snow however, there was one afternoon when I thought we were on the receiving end of a cloudburst! After feeding all the birds, both domestic and wild, I heard what I though was the beginning of a VERY heavy shower clattering on the tin roof of the log store. Strangely I wasn’t getting wet, so when I turned to check the source of the apparent extremely localised shower, I realised it wasn’t rain at all but a whole flock of starlings pecking at the grain, which I’d scattered on the corrugated sheeting, with those seemingly pneumatic beaks they possess!

Feathered downpour!

Anyway, all the residents of Garybuie are back ‘enjoying’ the snow once more, only one character in the literal sense…

Having fun!

Hamie, on the other hand, was obviously so unhappy with the sudden drop in temperature, that she felt as though she show us that the log basket was in serious need of refilling…

Fuel alert!

There are a certain few ducks which don’t need to worry about the icy conditions any more however, as we said our farewells to Francis Drake and his two AR companions this week. After a pretty chaotic breeding season in 2010, we’ve decided that stricter ‘breeding management’ is needed this year. Reducing the number of white drakes to one instead of two seemed like a good place to start, thus preventing any ‘XY Factor’ confrontations in the spring. Mr. MacRae, the Cherry Bs, Lucky and Chance have all the right genes for the production of birds for the table, whereas the ARs were a much more slender variety. Slender or not, the three birds certainly won’t go to waste, although Francis himself will probably need some slower cooking – the French way of Duck Confit I think! (I know of at least two people whose mouths will be watering at that idea!!!)


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