Look behind you…!

Icy tracks

We still inhabit an icy environment here in the glen and although there’s been no gritting of the road over the last week, vehicles readily slot into the developing frozen tyre tracks which enables a reasonably safe journey to the treated main road. A bit like traveling by some kind of tram/toboggan hybrid I guess!

The Garybuie livestock are coping, even if they’re not necessarily happy about it. The Muscovies are still clustered around the bushes, as are most of the chickens. The white ducks however, seem to prefer the warmer (!) temperatures offered by running water and spend most of their day in the drainage ditch! Access to the ditch is a bit of a challenge as it consists of frozen snow which slopes in a most inconvenient manner, resulting in more of a slithering penguin approach than the more usual waddling duck one!

Hardly a jacuzzi!

Ready for Santa!

At least this frozen landscape adds to the festive spirit I suppose, even though our annual Christmas shopping trip to Inverness has been replaced by a more local Portree one combined with the very non-festive internet. But at least the frigid conditions didn’t prevent us from putting up the Christmas decorations, including some outdoor fairy lights which unfortunately inspire Kevin to sing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, little star’ every time they come on! (Quite a few of the bulbs seem to have died so I’m torn between getting new ones or maybe letting the rest die to avoid further singing! Then again, maybe some kind of ‘bulb euthanasia’ could be applied to facilitate an even earlier quiet life!)

My very own star!

I spotted another festive event this morning in the garden – a pantomime scene! It involved an essential wicked panto character – Hamie! In this production however, there was a bit of a role reversal, as it was Hamie who needed to “Look behind you….” and see all the cute characters happily going about their business while she was preoccupied with dastardly plans for something ‘ in’ the wings rather than ‘on’ the wing!

Cute cast and 'Hamie the Horrible'!


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