Frozen in time…

Although the weather here is not half as bad as in the east of the country, we’ve had fairly generous deposits of snow accompanied by sub-zero temperatures and bitterly cold – strong on occasion – north easterly winds. Not my favourite conditions I have to say and I think I speak for all our feathery friends here at Garybuie.

 Foraging is out of the question so extra food rations are needed for all the birds and the wild birds are taking advantage too.

Winter rations

Blackbird in a blizzard!

This blackbird soon realised that his beak was not a suitable peanut pecking tool but no matter, he and most of the blackbird population have developed a taste for duck pellets! There’s a small feeder in Lucky and Chance’s first outdoor home outside the kitchen window which the Muscovies take advantage of on more pleasant days, but nowadays, as the ducks take shelter under the hedge,  it has all manner of visitors from the occasional chicken to starlings, chaffinches, sparrows, robins and blackbirds, including I suspect our friendly female from last winter! She’s the only one with yellow colouration on her beak and the only one who is vocal during her visits.

Returning visitor?

One visitor to this fly-by fast food joint however,  isn’t particularly welcome…

Awaiting customers!


Preparing Christmas lunch!

Of course all food supplies are important at this time of year, not just that of the wee beasties around the place – or in fact The Beast that squats in our living room like some cast-iron Jabba the Hutt – but our own supplies too! Not that we’d enjoy it very much, but I think we could survive a fairly extended wintry spell with plenty of home-produced or locally sourced meat in the freezer, as well as a good supply of seasonal vegetables still in the garden. Also, due to ‘teenage’ hormones kicking in and producing unwanted  amorous intentions in the Muscovy duckling, Puff and Biggles were given some relief this weekend when Kevin converted the culprit into our future Christmas lunch!

Parting ‘shot’…

First rays of sun


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