Introducing Delilah…

Here at Garybuie we can’t afford for sentimentalism to rear its head – apart from when it concerns the odd orphan duckling or two – as the final destination of most of our livestock is the freezer. However, occasionally a particularly endearing character arrives on the scene who pulls at the heart-strings in some way and that’s it, instant increase in life expectancy! So here’s Delilah…. the pullet with the perky personality! 

Feathered friend

Since moving into the great outdoors at five or six weeks old, she’s never complained about being handled, which was fortunate as hers was the group of chicks which we had to re-house when Broody Brenda and her large family moved in. She obviously took quite a liking to being carried each evening to an alternative coop, so much so that even when the group was finally settled into their new home, Delilah would appear at our feet whenever we appeared in the garden, looking up longingly until she was scooped up and made a fuss of! Well how could we resist? When the rest of her pals were being plucked off the perch to be ‘prepared’ for a whole other type of plucking, we were careful to present Delilah with a nice, red leg-ring so that she wouldn’t be scooped up for the wrong reason! Now we just have to persuade her to move home yet again and take up residence with Snowball and his ladies. At the moment she prefers to roost in a tree but part of me thinks that it’s just another excuse for her to be carried and talked to during the nightly transfer! One thing’s for sure, Snowball is obviously quite happy with the new addition to his harem and objects enthusiastically if he sees us pick her up! 

Who needs a hearth rug?

Other cuddly characters at Garybuie, namely the cats, have certainly managed to find an alternative creature comfort recently – The Beast! Hamie, never a fan of the open fire, prefers to take up permanent residence at a discreet distance in one of the fireside chairs, whereas Boris and Wallace are a bit more up close and personal. The hearth is the perfect headrest for Big B but Wallace doesn’t like to get his whiskers that close! Regarding the stove, We now have our extra piece of stove technology – a flue thermometer! At least we’re not guessing whether we’ve reached the right temperature now which has to be better, right?

Technology? Booooring....

On things of a more inanimate nature, we had a pleasant surprise in the veg patch last week. After the general decimation of our developing crop early in the season by Biggles and her adopted duckling, we were thrilled to find that our brussels sprouts have finally produced something worth eating! We’ve already had some delicious caulis, although not all the plants survived the attack and last night, we had the first of our red cabbage which are somewhat smaller than usual because of their growth interruption but hey, it’s the quality that counts! 

Brussels a-sprouting!

And finally, I’m sorry but I just couldn’t resist publishing this portrait of our handsome Huff…

Who's a handsome boy then?


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