Transformation complete!

Being completely engrossed in the food, drink and conversation at our ‘neighbours’ gathering’ last week, I completely forgot to take any pictures! Anyway, apart from a couple of new wall lights to be fitted, all other decorating tasks were completed on Friday with the arrival of the new carpets, so here’s the final fireplace photo as promised! We’re really pleased with how things have turned out, even though we’re still novices with the operation of  The Beast. I feel as though we should be in for some kind of lifetime achievement award when we finally master the thing! One minute we seem to be in control, then a low roar from The Beast lets us know that the gale force wind outside has given it an increased appetite for fuel and various knob-twiddlings and vent closures need to be carried out to sate its carbon cravings! Yesterday however, was a beautiful day with no breeze whatsoever, whereupon the brute decided to slip into some kind of  coma with only a glimmer of life, quietly demanding a side order of fresh air to go with the main course. More knob-twiddling and vent opening resulted in revitalization of The Beast, the same of which couldn’t be said of me! Getting ‘the right burn’ does seem to be a hit and miss affair so we’ve decided to take a more scientific – or cowardly –approach and have ordered a flue thermometer so we’ll hopefully know exactly where we stand with the combustion process, rather than standing around like worried parents watching for any signs of ill-health of our new arrival!

Anyway, whatever the appetite of The Beast, we’ve hopefully got it covered with another log delivery at the weekend. Luckily we have no-one staying in the self-catering at the moment as I don’t know what they’d make of the wooden work of art!

Woodpile in need of relocation!

With regards to the more regular beasts here at Garybuie, everyone is well and all the white ducks are particularly enjoying the recent heavy downpours and they spend most of their day out on the surrounding croft dabbling for who knows what in all the standing water. The Muscovies on the other hand are staying close to home – very close in fact, just outside the kitchen window. Although most of their new feathers have grown in, the all important flight gear is still in the development stage. Consequently, although the duckling is still attempting the odd vertical take-off, the rest are still grounded. Even so, it’s obviously still important to keep all that new plumage in tip-top condition and the dish of drinking water outside the window is seemingly perfect for ducky ablutions! Bit of a squash for Huff though….

Compact bathing facilities!


Bit of a squeeze!


As for other matters, we’re a wee bit concerned that both our sons and their respective wives – only married last year – are letting themselves go a bit…. 

All downhill since May 2009


It's no good smiling about it!


Apparently one of the newly undead - no excuse for a sloppy appearance if you ask me!


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2 Responses to “Finally!”

  1. Matt Says:

    My witch is better than his witch.

  2. Matt Says:

    New lit fire, burning higher,
    Logs and coal and sticks.
    Dying fire, burning dimmer,
    Can Kev keep it lit?…

    Probably not.

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