We have ignition…

Will it go out?

 Even though our stove has been installed for a week now, yesterday was the first time we lit it. Waiting for cement/filler/paint to dry was one reason for delaying the big event, the other being that we’re still living in the self-catering apartment while our more usual residence has been full of paint pots and dust sheets. But Kevin could contain himself no longer, so ‘The Beast’ was fueled, ignited and we both hovered in anticipation ’til the flames took hold. Then we hovered around the radiators and the hot-water tap  in anticipation of the results! Kevin spent the evening like a mother hen, keeping a watchful eye on the log situation. Seemingly, a lot of this stove business is trial and error until the desired results can be achieved – an Open University course would be helpful I think!!! Anyway, after adding solid fuel to the mix just before bed, we hoped to be warm this morning. It wasn’t to be however, although the embers were just about alive. Different tactics this evening and we’ll  hopefully be more successful.

Before the ‘maiden combustion’ – in case the stove became unapproachably hot afterwards – the installation of our recently acquired over-mantle was carried out with the help of our neighbours Andy and Brian.

Neighbourly help

 It’s a heavy brute and I think it would have got the better of me! We couldn’t believe our luck when we found the piece at ‘Breakish Collectables’ just beyond Broadford and have been itching to see it in place! (I haven’t got around to taking a photo of the completed ensemble yet I’m afraid – next blog!)

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog recently, you’ll no doubt appreciate that the arrival and installation of ‘The Beast’ has been a lot more complicated than we thought it could be. Consequently, we’ve decided to mark the occasion tomorrow evening with a small gathering of our neighbours where we can celebrate winter fuel in all its forms – the kind consumed by stoves and the kind consumed by people!

It’s easy to forget, in the midst of all the centre stage work, that this process has not just been a case of redesigning the fireplace and sitting a stove in it, but the back-stage support on the plumbing side of things is a marvel in itself! I don’t know what you think, but all this pipework looks like something Captain Nemo should be in charge of…

A work of art perhaps?

A mystery to me!


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