Freezing and featherless!

 I realise that the breeding season’s over and now is the time for our feathered friends to well, become unfeathered, but I always feel sorry for them as inevitably the event always seems to coincide with a seasonal drop in temperature. Most of the hens and all three of our adult Muscovies have been discarding plumage at a great rate over the past few weeks. The hens have timed it well this year and were well on the way to re-growing their new ‘outfits’ before the temperatures hit zero on a couple of occasions this week. Not so the Muscovies however and poor Biggles has been only semi-clothed, discarding more feathers with every movement or slight breeze!

Almost naked!

Huff and Puff have been affected too, but to a lesser degree. Even so, all flights have been cancelled until their essential aviation equipment is replaced. The duckling, who’s a fair size now, has all the flight gear he needs but lacks instruction! Periodically he flaps his wings enthusiastically, whilst jumping up and down equally enthusiastically. Maybe he’s trying for a vertical take-off, who knows?
Still on the subject of ducks, last week we introduced Lucky and Chance to MacRae’s house. The wee house which Kevin built for them is too small now and as they are what were the unwanted offspring of the Cherry Bs, the home of MacRae and his ladies seemed an obvious choice for a new residence, even though Lucky and Chance didn’t think so for the first couple of nights! (Also, due to their parentage, they are very much ‘waddlers’ and wouldn’t be able to keep up with the speedier team activities of the ARs!) Now they seem to be more settled and although they still spend much of their time as a pair during the day – still peering in through the kitchen window on occasion – bedtime is a definite group occasion.
Anyway, enough of quacking things! As I’m sure you’re completely gripped by the ‘stove saga’ (!) here’s a pictorial update….

The hole gets bigger...

...turning into BIG black hole!

Black hole with style!

Stove finally in situ

Now we're getting somewhere!

Now we’re in a tradesman-free zone but still in a mess as redecoration of the room remains on the agenda. At least that process will involve less dust as try as he might, cutting stone was not a ‘clean air’ activity for Neil. Luckily, most rooms were relatively unaffected but obviously the room with the hole, along with the conservatory, were liberally coated with a powdery grime. Our good friend and neighbour, Dorinha, came to the rescue though and spent most of Saturday helping to strip and wash the conservatory from top to bottom. ( “When there’s a heap of grime, to be cleared quick-time, who ya gonna call? – Dustbusters!”)

Sorry abouth that!


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4 Responses to “Freezing and featherless!”

  1. Suchmaschine Says:

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  2. mark Says:

    Congratulations. Here’s to some serious nights of log burning…

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