Can of worms after all!

Years ago there used to be a song called ‘Right, said Fred’, a humorous little number involving seemingly impossible tasks, numerous tradesmen and several cups of tea – something along the lines of,  “…so Charlie had a think and he said, look Fred, I’ve got a sorta feeling, if we remove the ceiling…” . Anyway, it’s an old song and my brain’s getting that way, but I’m sure you get the gist!

Kevin and borrowed boy's toy

After feeling all smug about how relatively smoothly our fireplace preparations had gone, the plumber turned up and promptly rained all over our parade, revealing the can of worms we’d expected all along! Basically, the fireplace still isn’t wide enough for the stove and required airspace around it. Enter ‘The Stonemason’. After yet more head-scratching, chin rubbing and tradesman lingo, it was decided that, yes, the job can still be done but with yet more noise, rubble, dust and of course – money! But hey, at least Kevin got the use of a borrowed plumber’s drill to perform his bit in the demolition process, removing the hearth and the remaining fire bricks. He also had to remove half of our newly revealed, repaired, filled and sanded woodwork! So at the moment we just have a big, black, hole – in more ways than one! At least the young plumber’s apprentices successfully – and very neatly – breached the back wall of the black hole with the pipework for the stove and today they’re wrestling with Garybuie’s ‘unusual’ network of heating pipes.

The low point?

Needless to say, much of our living space is in an uproar at the moment, so it’s quite nice to go on ‘holiday’ of an evening, retiring into the uncompromised self-catering apartment to watch some TV and enjoy a glass or two of wine – good for dust in the throat you know! Boris, however, is not amused! He’s a cat who loves a real fire and was visibly thrilled – not an easy emotion to detect in Boris – when he followed us into our temporary abode and spotted the ‘living flame’ electric fire which we have in there. His excitement didn’t last long however, when he realised that there was something seriously wrong with those flames as there no heat coming from them at all – even when he was almost sitting in the coals! Hopefully the new stove will be more to his liking!



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