So far so good…

Winter's wood

We had our first delivery of logs from the forest across the river at the weekend as  replacement stock for our existing winter wood supply. Although the pile isn’t quite as impressive as the ones we walked through last week, Kevin was nonetheless pleased with his efforts! But, standing admiring our winter fuel doesn’t actually encourage its combustion, so getting to grips with the preparations for the stove installation seems to be an idea with more potential! Consequently, yesterday Kevin attacked the fireplace with a purpose, both of us prepared for whatever the beast could throw at us! Surprisingly for Garybuie, no nasty surprises were in store and removal of the stonework (not to mention an enormous heap of cement) revealed the original 1931 wood panelling behind, albeit covered in a delightful 1970’s orange wallpaper!

Worries over!

We continued working today, removing all plasterboard and orange paper from the chimney breast.

All is revealed!

There’s more plasterboard in the alcoves but after much squinting into all available gaps with a torch, the sight of rough stone and substantial wooden framework supporting the board, we decided to quit while we’re ahead and leave well alone!

I started this blog yesterday evening but was interrupted by a visit from our neighbour, Gordon and his son, Callum, bearing some of the fruits of their successful day’s fishing…

Fishy interruption

Not only did they have a great catch but saw some wonderful wildlife too, including a 5-6 meter long basking shark swimming beneath the boat! Callum said how he’d tried not to hear ‘that’ music during the episode! Anyway, with Kevin at work, I had to take a break from blogging to gut and pack the fish, so to continue…

The weather’s continued to be beautiful and warm over the last few days and we

Day out for bikes

 did manage to get away from demolition and dust at the weekend. We took a trip to the mainland with our biking companions, Andy and Brian, taking the ferry from Armadale to Mallaig. The trip involved taking a detour from the main Mallaig to Fort William road along the coastal route. The scenery was awesome, enhanced by the clear blue sky and the whole spectrum of autumnal colours. The route revealed both rocky and sandy coves, punctuated by the leafy canopies of  predominately oak woodland. We were finally rewarded with a crystal clear view of Ben Nevis as the vista opened up into a scene of typical Highland grandeur. Being on the bike, we could also get the full range of outdoor scents to accompany the views, from the smell of the seashore to the damp, earthy aroma of the woodland. Stunning.

Unfortunately, apart from a rest for lunch by the seashore, we were pretty much on the move the whole time as we were committed to the 4.30 ferry – Andy and Brian for B&B guests, us for fowl feeding – and as we know, distances aren’t what count but narrow, bendy roads do!

Lunchtime view


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