Why can’t things be simple?

Walkers and wood

The weather is still on the wet side to say the least, but that didn’t deter neighbours Andy, Brian, Dorinha and myself from taking a walk on Sunday along the forest track on the opposite side of the glen. Felling is continuing at quite a pace and the accompanying track is now more than two miles long. The log piles are quite impressive from this side of the glen, but up close the scale is amazing and the scent of pine delightful. It was quite nice to view the glen from the opposite side of the river for a change with all the houses, both old and new, strung out amidst a tapestry of autumnal colours.

A different view

Back at the homestead, I wondered today why the simplest of ideas always seem to evolve into an ever-increasing logistical nightmare? Back in January we decided to invest in a Rayburn stove, simple eh? Don’t you believe it. I don’t think I ever mentioned it on the blog as to be truthful, the whole experience warrants a blog of its own, which would have either a) put you to sleep, or b) had you tearing your hair out in frustration along with us! So, in a nutshell, after many broken promises/appointments, we decided that a multi-fuel stove was the thing for us! Finally, after lengthy deliberations, a seemingly never-ending choice of stoves, careful measurements and estimates, the long-awaited piece of ironware arrived today! So watch this space, because after repeated measurements and

Problem stonework!

 much head-scratching, it is now apparent that this is not just a case of slotting the stove into our existing fireplace, with some minor adjustments to the hearth, oh no! At the very least, it seems as though the (very solid) stone fire surround is going to have to be removed to be able to position the flue, but you know what? I have a sneaking suspicion that there’s going to be one of those nasty cans of worms involved somewhere along the line, just to make life interesting!

New arrival


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