Fish ‘n’ chips

The Quiraing

Yesterday began in a gloomy, damp way but by the afternoon, the ominous clouds had dispersed to reveal an almost clear blue sky resulting in a pleasantly warm, still day. As if that in itself wasn’t enough to lift the spirits, Kevin suggested that we take an early evening outing on the bike, culminating in a fish supper by the harbour in Portree. How can a girl possibly turn down such an offer? So, after completing animal chores, we set out for Portree – the long way – our journey incorporating some of the beautiful

The old man in a frame

secenery offered by the Trotternish ridge. We travelled on the road  which straddles the ridge  between Uig and Staffin, the bhealaich, so that we could take in the stunning views over the Quiraing before continuing our ride down the eastern coast towards our destination – and our fish supper of course! 

After a ‘wee apertif’, we took a rare and leisurely stroll through the village – feeling a bit like we were on holiday! – purchased our delicious food from Stuart’s Chippy en route to the harbour,  where  we enjoyed every mouthful while taking in the scene. Perfect. 


Dining with a view



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