Wet weather and porky problems!

Who says it's weather for ducks?

Although we’ve had some bed and breakfast guests over the last couple of weeks, as well as a visit from my dad, visitors of all kinds seem to be tapering off now. It seems quite strange not to be getting up at 6.30 each morning and heading for the kitchen but hey, I’m sure that I’ll manage to get used to the new winter routine somehow!

 I don’t suppose the weather has done much to encourage visitors either as last week was particularly wet. ‘Good weather for ducks’ you might say, although Puff looks as though she doesn’t share that sentiment! Heavy rain meant that the surrounding croft land was fairly saturated and the adjacent drainage channel contained water for the first time in quite a while. Consequently, we didn’t see much of any of the white ducks for a couple of days, other than distant views of them dabbling in various patches of standing water.

Exploring new puddles!

 Even Lucky and Chance ventured under the perimeter fence for the first time to enjoy the new aquatic environment! On the subject of our two ducky orphans, both are doing well and although they are still sleeping in their purpose-built house outside the kitchen window, I think that they’ll have to move in with MacRae in the not too distant future and become more involved with ducky doings! It’s pointless to encourage a relationship with the ARs, as the girls are definite waddlers as opposed to runners and wouldn’t be able to keep up! Maybe a couple of extra females will keep MacRae sufficiently occupied so that he’ll spend less time pursuing the apparent love of his life, Biggles! For now though, Lucky and Chance seem happy with their ‘cosmopolitan’ lifestyle and are regular visitors to the kitchen window – hoping for an invitation indoors no doubt!

What's cooking?

At least Brenda's brood know how to stay out of the mud - perch up a tree!

Normally at this time of year, our thoughts turn to ham and sausage production! However, not rearing pigs this year obviously means that a source of pork for such a venture takes a bit more thought, a thought in fact which hasn’t entered our heads until a bit late in the day, at least to be able to be choosy about the provenance of the meat. Anyway, the good news is that we’ve managed to order a beast from our last year’s piglet provider, Paul Camilli, over on the Isle of Raasay. (Check out the ‘Suppliers’ list in the right-hand column. Paul’s ‘Life at the end of the road’ blog is great) Paul produces happy piglets in a free-range environment, so I’m sure that the older versions will have been equally well treated – and delicious! The bad news is that due to our tardiness, we will be porkless until next spring – no ham this Christmas then!!!  But never mind, waiting in the wings is a certain Muscovy duckling who is seemingly male and has the potential to provide us with our festive feast!

Alternative to Ham?


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