Introducing Lucky…

Lucky - 2 days old

 After Broody Brenda’s great success in hatching fourteen chicks recently, we had a near tragedy last Monday. All three cherry Bs were still sitting on the nest, although we were pretty sure that hatching was imminent. At feeding time, I was shocked to find a duckling, still attached to the lower half of its shell and completely cold, laying in the middle of the floor of MacRae’s house. Thinking that the wee mite was dead, I picked it up to share the sad news with Kevin, whereupon it gave a faint cheep! Consequently, I spent the next hour trying to iron one-handed, whilst holding the half-hatched bird inside my shirt! Kevin took over duck-warming duties for a while and our efforts seemed to be paying off. Eventually, we put the duckling – along with its half shell – into a box under an infrared lamp. 


Surprisingly, after a couple of hours and a lot of squirming, the shell was discarded and our new family member was very much alive the next morning! So now Lucky, the duck, regards Kevin and I as ‘mum’ and follows us around the kitchen at great speed, or sits between the feet of whoever stands still long enough!

Thank goodness for flares!

Coffee break

How Lucky came to be in such a predicament was a mystery until some light was seemingly shed on the circumstances yesterday. After finding another duckling –  dead this time with no shell, OUTSIDE MacRae’s house – we decided to keep a close eye on ducky goings-on. As usual, MacRae is suffering from a severe crush on Biggles and frequently chases after her with amorous intentions, whereupon she takes flight and Huff ‘escorts’ the would-be wooer back home. Unfortunately, ‘back home’ means through the door and blocking MacRae’s exit. Lots of huffing ensues, as well as much quacking from the Cherry  Bs who simultaneously rise up off the nest, making the eggs vulnerable. At first, we thought that maybe in Lucky’s case, the half-hatched duckling had got kicked out of the nest in such a situation. Finding the dead bird, shell-less and still almost in the foetal position outside the duck-house however, seemed to have more sinister connotations! Yesterday, after another stramash in MacRae’s house, Sherlock Delaney went to investigate and found a nest devoid of ducks and a certain Mr. Huff investigating the eggs! So, has he developed a taste for eggshells, or is he trying to get rid of any potential competition with his offspring? We didn’t want to investigate his motives any further, so now, much to his frustration, Kevin’s erected a temporary fence between his territory and MacRae’s! The Cherry Bs are STILL sitting, but at least in peace, with MacRae on guard duty. We heard some cheeping emanating from the duck-house yesterday, but no sightings as yet!

Interfering with the chores!

Helping in the garden

With the combination of duck adoptions and an extremely busy period with the B&B, blogging has out of necessity been put on the back-burner. There have been a few snippets of interest over the past couple of weeks, but as I can only type with one finger, Lucky’s story has pretty much exhausted the digit responsible and just the thought of producing any more text is resulting in some kind of anticipatory numbness the afore mentioned finger!!! Therefore, I think a pictorial summary of  recent events is probably a good idea!

First home-made jam of the season

A perfectly timed dry day in the middle of many wet ones enabled us to have much needed day out to Sheildaig, north of LochcarronRegular visitors to the kitchen door

Regular visitors to the kitchen door


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