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Small family

Broody Brenda here. Back in May I can guess what you were all thinking on the arrival of my very small family, “What kind of useless hen is that, who can only produce one chick after sitting around for three weeks!” In my defence, the nest site on that occasion was a poor one. It had been selected by my sister – a bit of a bird-brain – and I did my best to make something of the situation. It wasn’t easy sitting for all that time, with some unseasonably chilly north winds whistling ’round your wattles I can tell you!!! Anyway, I think you’ll agree that I have somewhat redeemed my good name this week…

Much bigger family!

Fourteen chicks this time around, so I hope that you now have a better opinion of my maternal skills! It’s all in the nest site you see. I realised that duck, Puff, was on to something when she was investigating the space underneath the coop next to the polytunnel. Why she didn’t make use of it I’ll never understand but after all, she is only a duck! We hens however, know a good thing when we see it, especially when it’s a nice deep hole so that all the eggs are easy to keep together, nice and warm. Those humans who live at this place seem pretty pleased with my efforts too and even some of the holiday visitors have been to look at my new family, which I don’t mind, as long as they don’t get too close! If I were a cockerel (ugh!), I guess I’d definitely have something to crow about!


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