Official adoption!

We’d planned yesterday as a day off from B & B some weeks ago, with the intention of having another day out on the bike. The route was decided, fellow bikers were informed, but Skye weather had a different agenda! We awoke to pouring rain, accompanied by a fairly stiff breeze which continued until mid-afternoon. Oh well, it was still nice to have quiet day, something we get very little of at the moment. In fact, the weather’s been fairly inclement all week and even Huff and Puff looked a bit fed up with the soggy state of affairs!

Dripping ducks!

Saturday however, was a beautiful day and we managed to catch up with a lot of our neglected outdoor chores, such as grass cutting and the usual weeding. I also managed to plant out the kale plants, which I’d started off in seed trays. Kale really enjoys the climate here and provides us with an abundant and long-lasting crop every year.

The cabbage patch kids!

One thing we have noticed over the past week is that Biggles has obviously officially adopted the duckling and has surprisingly turned into an extremely protective mum! She’s solved the problem of the overly attentive Mr.MacRae by spending most of her time with her young charge in the vegetable plot, which the other ducks can’t access because of their inability to fly. (The little one is small enough to squeeze under the fence.)  

The down side to this adoption however, is that Biggles has now abandoned her nest of eggs which is a shame. Puff on the other hand, has come back into lay and who knows, she might hopefully have one last attempt at raising a family. Someone who is definitely attempting to do just that is another of the Cherry Bs, who has made her nest right next to her sister. At least she’s not tried to sit on the same nest as all three of the Cherry Bs did last year!



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2 Responses to “Official adoption!”

  1. Roman Says:

    Hi there,

    how are you? It’s me Roman. Hope you can remember your guests from last year. Next year we are planning coming back and we hope you got a place for us in June. Nice to see all the babies. But what happend to the pigs? Want to feed them next year again with oatcakes 😀

    Greetings from Roman and Judith

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Hi Roman and Judith,
    How could we forget you, especially as you featured on the blog! We are well and hope that you are too. It will be lovely to see you next June if you’d like to return, but no pigs I’m afraid! Maybe our ducks will like your oat cakes!

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