Bikes, brochs and baby ducks!

There are gale force winds accompanied by heavy rain today, but this time last week the weather was more summer-like, perfect in fact for a trip out on the bike. Andy and Brian, our neighbours in the glen, were up for it so we had a lovely afternoon’s ride, crossing over to Glenelg on the mainland via the small ferry at Kylerhea. The ferry crossing is at the point where cattle drovers in the past swam their beasts over to the mainland. It’s a great little ferry, owned by the community and travels from shore to shore throughout the day between Easter and October.

Ferry passengers

Arriving on the mainland we were rewarded with some stunning views and we also paid a visit to the brochs at Glenelg, which are are both well preserved examples of the ancient fortified dwellings which scatter the Highlands and islands.

Stunning views

Broch at Glenelg

It’s nice to escape on the bike for a couple of hours, visiting some of the spectacular places which we’re fortunate enough to have on our doorstep, but it’s also nice to return to Garybuie and check up on who’s been doing what while we’ve been away! One interesting development this week involves the Muscovy duckling. Not content with just visiting Biggles, it seems to have permanently moved in! We can’t work out whether Biggles has duck-napped the youngster, or Puff has enrolled Biggles on a parenting training course in preparation for the arrival of her second brood! Puff is never far away and seems happy to resume her maternal duties if Biggles needs to stretch her wings. What will happen when the new arrivals appear is anyone’s guess. It has to be said that there’s never a dull moment in Huff’s house and it’s been a real education this season in duck – and hen – behaviour! Interestingly, I was always led to believe that ducklings imprint on their mother, but obviously this doesn’t seem to apply in this case, unless it’s just a Muscovy trait. “Who shall I take a stroll with?”

Real mum...


...adoptive mum


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