…and for the more usual kind…

New arrivals

The more usual two-legged variety of new arrivals appeared at Garybuie on Friday. Surprisingly, after the complicated nesting arrangements with a hen, Puff managed to hatch two ducklings. An ever-cautious mother, Puff, unlike Biggles, stays close to home with her new family. It was very upsetting therefore, to find one of the ducklings dead in the nest the following day. Mother Nature seems harsh sometimes. The remaining youngster is doing well though and can’t resist visiting brooding Biggles in the adjacent nest-box occasionally!

Little cutie!

The appearance of all these chicks and ducklings  recently hasn’t gone un-noticed by the Cherry Bs, so much so, that one of them has decided to give this raising a family thing a try…

Sitting tight!

Meanwhile, some other youngsters have moved into the garden on a more permanent basis. The weather’s been very warm and as our youngest chicks – four weeks old at the weekend – are virtually fully feathered, we decided that they could enjoy a more interesting life in the great outdoors. We restricted their movements to the environs of the coop for the first day until they got their bearings, but the had plenty of curious visitors to keep them occupied…

Checking out the new neighbours!


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