Custody issues

Some good news this weekend as our incubated eggs have been hatching and we currently have 14 healthy chicks, with three more yet to arrive.


Cute crowd

There’s also been a couple of developments with the confused contingent of our birds over the last couple of days. ‘Confused Chicken no.2’ – the Wick Chick who we thought we’d managed to transfer successfully from her high-rise nesting site to something more practical – gave up on the whole practical thing and returned to her original site. Unfortunately, that particular nest box is a favourite of all the other hens too, so there’s very often a queue of cross-legged birds waiting for access! Consequently, the Wick Chick is regularly removed and deposited in the garden – much to her disapproval needless to say! Hopefully she’ll get the message and give up with the whole nesting thing. That particular site is also the night-time perch of Snowball, the cockerel, as he can see through the mesh ventilation panel and keep an eye on his domain. Needless to say lots of crowing takes place from his vantage point, so maybe the Wick Chick will move on if only to avoid permanent deafness!

Shared duties

‘Confused Chicken no.1′ however, has made it clear that she’s not confused at all in that Puff’s nest box is definitely the  one for her! Puff, who’s now decided to take to her nest on a more permanent basis, has obviously struck up some kind of deal with her clucking companion, as for the past three days both birds have been sitting comfortably together on the eggs! There’s not one chicken egg among ’em though, so the Wick Chick might get a bit jaded sitting for 5 weeks rather than the 3 which would be her incubation duties over and done with! As Kevin pointed out though, if both birds are successful in their incubation partnership, who will get custody of the kids?

One parent who’s obviously exhausted with all the effort is this male siskin, who we found sound asleep in the feeder on the kitchen window!

Snoozy siskin


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