And then there were two.

Remaining ARs


After having to part company a couple of weeks ago with Queenie, one of our Light Sussex hens, another of our Light Sussex ladies became sick last week and followed in her footsteps. We only have one remaining hen of that type, Catnip, who quite frankly is such a forceful character that it’s doubtful that any ailment would dare inflict itself upon her! Even worse news however, is that Kevin found one of the AR females dead when he opened the coop one morning. Her death had obviously been recent and as she’d been fighting fit the previous day, we suspected that it was the overly enthusiastic amorous activities of the two drakes which resulted in her demise. We’ve been concerned for a while with the presence of the two drakes, but they seemed such a happy group and I suppose that sentimentality got the better of us. A more pragmatic attitude was needed therefore, with just the one duck remaining. So we said farewell to yet another bird, leaving just Francis Drake and one partner. We’re hoping that maybe one or two of the currently incubating duck eggs will be both female and Runner, so that Francis can spread his attentions more widely! 

On a more cheerful note, the nest under the coop has now acquired a hen! Admittedly not the hen we expected but her sister, Broody Brenda, who raised a clutch of chicks last year and has obviously decided show off her expertise once more! 

No vacancy!


As the weather was so beautiful over the weekend, we decided that the month-old chicks from the brooder could enjoy the great outdoors for a while. We transported them in a cat box to a suitably sunny spot in the vegetable plot and opened the door. There was some considerable hesitation at first but eventually, curiosity got the better of them and they ventured into the wider world… 

Shall we?

Oh, alright then!

Believe it or not, I actually started this blog early in the week but was interrupted by the arrival of part of  ‘Clan Delaney’ – lead by Kevin’s brother, Paul – who came to visit for a few days. So blogging was put on hold until now while we enjoyed a couple of days out with them and some pleasant evenings of  good food and conversation. Even the weather was kind and as you can see, Paul seems to have enjoyed all that Garybuie had to offer!!! 

Nephew Joe, Deb and Paul


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