Guests and nests!

Easter Saturday was a good day weatherwise and we managed to get our early potatoes planted, along with a couple of rows of parsnip and carrot seeds. Some rain moved in however during the late afternoon – just in time for the arrival of our bed & breakfast guests!

Easter visitors

The rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the five young men from Edinburgh though ( Abhishek Singh, Tanmoy Kar, Amol Desmukh, Brijesh Singh and Siddharth) and their enthusiasm was rewarded the following day with glorious sunshine! As they’d travelled to Skye on the spur of the moment for a one night stay, it was great that the island provided them with a day of such stunning clarity. Needless to say, we advised them to visit the Quiraing – part of the Trotternish ridge – on their whirlwind tour, as the views would have been spectacular. I hope they enjoyed it!

Broody Biggles

Other Easter news includes several developments on the nesting front. Firstly, Biggles has finally got around to settling on the nest! There’s probably at least a dozen eggs in there, but with all her ‘ broody indecision’ over the past few days, I don’t know what the success rate will be. We’ll find out in about 5 weeks! One drake who’s had his bill seriously put out of joint is MacRae, now that his muse has done a disappearing act! Ah well, the AR ducks will no doubt be subjected to his charms more frequently instead. They can run faster though!

House hunting

Meanwhile, Puff has decided that Kevin’s carefully constructed nest boxes just aren’t her style and she’s been busy this week checking out alternatives. After lots serious scrutiny, she’s finally decided that underneath the chicken coop by the polytunnel is just the ticket! She’s ‘ducked’ her way under there on several occasions while Huff sits on guard outside and presumably she’s both nest-building and hopefully, laying eggs. We’ll get down on hands and knees to check soon when she’s not around!

What is it about chicken coop basements? If you’re a regular visitor to Garybuie’s blog, you might remember last year when one of our hens went broody under a different coop. The problem was, that although she sat for around seven weeks, there were actually no eggs in the nest! Believe it or not, the same hen has gone to the same location and this time has laid plenty of eggs. So far however, she doesn’t seem inclined to sit on them! Time will tell!

2009 - no eggs

2010 - no hen!


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2 Responses to “Guests and nests!”

  1. Siddharth Says:

    Thanks for putting us on your Blog!! We did enjoy every bit of this trip to Skye. Quirang was absolutely amazing. I’ll email you the pics soon

    Hope we didn’t leave your BnB in much of a mess 🙂

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