Who said it was spring?

The ridge?

 So much for me enthusing about the arrival of spring last week! Once again we seem to have been plunged into arctic conditions, with high winds accompanied by sleet, hail and snow. I’m surprised that our newly appeared seedlings haven’t done an about-turn and burrowed for cover beneath the cosy compost! On a positive note, whatever falls from the sky isn’t sticking to the ground, but the ridge  disappears intermittently as heavy wintry showers pass through. The poor hens spend their day sheltering behind bushes and walls to avoid the worst of the weather. I often wonder why they just don’t sit in their coop! 

Taking cover

Irrespective of the current climate, last weekend saw the beginning of british summertime (!) along with the arrival of our first guests of the season, both self-catering and bed & breakfast. I think that this morning was the first occasion on which I’ve served breakfast with horizontal snow passing the conservatory window! The conservatory is a favourite haunt of the cats and Hamie,  our female cat, likes nothing better than to curl up after her breakfast on one of the dining chairs, which are protected by some sheepskin off-cuts. This morning however, I upset her plans by moving one of the chairs along with all the off-cuts into the sitting room as well as closing the door to the conservatory. Every year at this time, the cats object to the new morning routine and there are always plenty of feline frowns directed at me, but today Hamie found a new way to make her point. She just curled up on all four off-cuts – and GLARED!

Making a point!

Out in the garden, the hens and ducks obviously realise that it’s spring, judging by the number of eggs being laid. We put eight eggs from the Cherry Bs in the incubator on Monday and we’re looking forward to the arrival of the first offspring of MacRae (a.k.a. Casanova at the moment!) in four weeks time. Meanwhile, Biggles seems to have decided to sit on her clutch of eggs – sort of! She manages to persevere until about lunch time and then presumably, boredom sets in and she wanders off  to forage – and tempt MacRae! – with Huff and Puff. The success of her first attempt at incubation will be questionable to say the least! If she does manage to stay on the nest however, it will at least keep her away from  MacRae’s attentions, which in turn should reduce Huff’s stress levels considerably! The following scene from our dining room window demonstrates what poor Huff is having to deal with on a regular basis.
And finally, on a sad note, we had a bit of an upset this week when Queenie, the light Sussex and our most tuneful hen, became sick and we had to part company. When ever we were in the garden, Queenie would be close at hand with her soft crooning, waiting for some tidbit to be unearthed. I suppose she really did sing for her supper!

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4 Responses to “Who said it was spring?”

  1. Dorinha Says:

    I hope it’ll be a little warmer and drier when I arrive, but I think that’s too much to ask.

  2. Jennifer MacRae Says:

    Happy Easter Kevin & Christine,

    Just to let you know that all 4 goose eggs are hatching today! Kids are waiting patiently over the incubator listening to the cheepings. They can’t wait to see what they look like…..neither can I!!!

  3. Jennifer MacRae Says:

    All have hatched but one didn’t make it…..but three very lively & noisey goslings!

    • garybuie01 Says:

      Congratulations! What a lovely Easter event! Such a shame about the fourth gosling. The same thing has happened with us occasionally and it’s very sad after weeks of growing and all the effort of hatching. I’m sure that your remaining three amigos will provide you with some great entertainment! I wonder what the ducks will think?!!

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