Destruction and production!

Cheery crocuses


We’ve had reasonable weather over the past week, calm and dry with relatively mild temperatures. It’s so nice to take a stroll up the glen and see colours other than white! Particularly colourful are the crocuses in various gardens. (We have very few as they don’t seem to take kindly to being scratched up by some foraging chicken! Snowdrops on the other hand, seem to benefit from a certain amount of  poultry intervention which has encouraged them to spread.) Here are some crocuses showing their heads for the first time at our new neighbours’ home, whose other  contribution to the glen is some much-needed  extra bed and breakfast accommodation. They offer a totally different experience from that at Garybuie, but maybe you’d like to check their website at

Meanwhile, further up the glen felling continues with a substantial collection of timber accumulating. Not that we’re trying to compete or anything, but we’ve had quite a week of arboreal destruction ourselves! We have more than enough mature trees around the perimeter of the garden,  some of which are becoming so large or are developing a significant lean, that there is now more shelter than we need above the vegetable patches. Last season, a considerable proportion of our crop was too dry resulting in poor yields. So, over the weekend Kevin got out his trusty chainsaw – another ‘must have’ boys’ toy! – and disposed of many overhanging branches along with a seriously drunken willow! We should certainly see the benefit this season. 

Too big to tackle

One tree too big for our inexperience however was a large Larch, responsible every year for blocking drains and gutters with a seemingly never-ending supply of needles. This too had a slightly drunken posture, a wee bit worrying with its size. So we called in Alex, an expert with much bigger boys’ toys, to perform the felling. It was a tougher challenge than it looked and after hand-sawing all the branches off, in case they deflected the falling tree in any way, he first attacked the back of the tree… 


    then the front…


then with an axe…                                 

and finally, success… (no, I don’t know what Kevin’s doing either!)



It’s sad to see a big tree fall, but we certainly now have lots of fuel and the raspberries, redcurrants and rhubarb will have much better light. 

And finally, thankfully this past week hasn’t been all destruction, as on Sunday we had our first ‘chick production’ of the year, when eleven of the original twenty eggs incubated made their appearance after surviving a power failure early on in their development. I know they don’t look it, but these wee characters are obviously more robust than they look! 

ALL ABOARD! The first group of chicks ready for transport to the brooder.


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3 Responses to “Destruction and production!”

  1. Dorinha Says:

    So cute!!!

  2. ErobPorge Says:

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    don’t quit and also keep writing as a result it just worth to read it.
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