Disappearing ducks

Towards the ridge


Wintery weather has once more abated, leaving us with some glorious spring-like conditions. The last few days have got off to a cold, crisp start, but the sun really has some strength to it now and temperatures have risen quickly to produce some very welcome, warmer weather! Perfect in fact to take a stroll in the glen and catch up on any new developments. Felling in the top forest seems to be picking up speed and is the most significant change in the glen over the past couple of weeks. 

Fank and felling


One advantageous side-effect of the current spell of mild weather, is the absence of any further power cuts! During the last onslaught of wintry weather, 


a significantly lengthy power failure on day four of egg incubation, caused some serious nail-biting until we could candle the eggs and check for normal – or not –  development on the seventh day. Most of the twenty eggs looked fine but we were unsure about some of them. Consequently, we double checked on day 10, when we discarded seven eggs showing poor development. Obviously we don’t know whether this fairly high incidence of expiring embryos was a result of the power cut or, more worryingly, poor quality eggs. We won’t be able shed any light on the matter until we incubate more eggs in several weeks time. 

Together again!

Another, less advantageous, side-effect of the kinder weather, was that Puff and Biggles got a wee bit carried away with their flying expeditions! They’ve gradually been disappearing for more lengthy periods, leaving poor old Huff lonely and bewildered! So much so, that one night they didn’t return. We don’t know whether it was an intentional nocturnal adventure, or just that they left it too late to return, but Huff slept alone that night. Lots of huffing and tail-wagging ensued the following day when he awoke to the reappearance of the gallivanting girls! They must have had a sleepless night as they spent most of the day snoozing, with Huff keeping a watchful eye on them!

Still on the duck front, MacRae and the Cherry Bs made the latest safe and successful transfer to the new duck-house. Steering them towards their new home over the last few evenings has been a fairly relaxed affair, not least helped by the fact that they can’t fly –  unlike those mischievous Muscovies! Now that all the ducks are housed within the same area of the garden, general  husbandry is far easier and less time consuming.

Last of the evening sun


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2 Responses to “Disappearing ducks”

  1. Dorinha Says:

    So lovely to read your stories. It makes me feel nostalgic.

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    Not many more weeks for nostalgia!

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