Precipitation (horizontal) and power cuts

As you can see, over the last few days it’s been ‘batten down the hatches’ kind of weather and as a consequence, there’s not been much to report. All the feathered residents at Garybuie spent their time hiding behind bushes or walls. The sleat-filled, biting wind was so fierce, that it blasted off all the wood stain on the north-facing door of the new duckhouse! Thankfully, the other door faces in the opposite, more sheltered direction and we introduced the Muscovies to their new, permanent home on Wednesday.  The transfer went surprisingly smoothly and apart from Biggles’ brief aeronautical escape on the second evening, they now seem quite settled. We had to smile last night when Kevin was curious to see what the new sleeping arrangements are.  All three birds were in one of the nest boxes, with just Huff’s tail sticking out! We were surprised he could fit through the entrance, it must be very cozy in there! 

A more sheltered perch


In fact, the weather conditions have been so bad that all Muscovy flights were cancelled and even their usual perching posts had to be abandoned! So it was a lovely surprise one morning to be greeted by Puff and Biggles on a more sheltered perch outside the kitchen door! I took the opportunity to throw a few pieces of bread to them, thinking that they might need some extra ‘fuel’ during the tumbling temperatures. Although they didn’t seem particularly interested, somebody was… 

Our regular 'raisin raider'!


One unfortunate side-effect of the whistling winds was a power cut – not great when we have an incubator full of eggs! I covered it with blankets and hopefully, as the loss of power was for only just over two and a half hours, total ‘eggspiry’ of our embryos has been avoided. Admittedly the eggs were only tepid to the touch at the end of that time, but hey, even the best mother hen leaves the nest to feed. Today is day 7 of incubation so this evening we’ll candle the eggs and see if development is how it should be. If not, then we’ll have to discard this batch and start over. Fingers crossed…


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4 Responses to “Precipitation (horizontal) and power cuts”

  1. Dorinha Says:

    Oh dear,

    I hope the weather will be kinder in April.

  2. garybuie01 Says:

    I’m sure it will be! Even today, just a couple of days later, it’s beautiful once more. Still cold and crisp, but with a gloriously blue sky, no breeze, snow-capped ridge, birds singing…..

  3. Jennifer MacRae Says:

    Robert ended up buying a Light Sussex hen & Cockerel…….by mistake!! He thought he was bidding on the lot before!!! Didn’t get any geese or turkey, but have four goose eggs in the incubator…..due to hatch around Easter weekend……watch this space!

  4. garybuie01 Says:

    I think Robert must have been suffering from a case of over-excitement or the Dingwall dithers!!! Hope all goes well with the goose eggs then! We’ll definitely be waiting for an Easter up-date.

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