Preparations for spring (Brrrrrr!)

More snow at Garybuie

I suppose it serves me right for commenting on the snow obligingly being  at higher levels last week AND for not watching the weather forecast, but we awoke on Sunday morning to a surprise three or four-inch covering of the white stuff! Even the hens weren’t overly keen on leaving the coop! Still, it was a beautiful day and lots of thawing took place under the winter sun, only to be re-frozen last night when temperatures dropped to -8C, the lowest we’ve had since the ‘Big Freeze’ over Christmas and the new year.

Des. Res. for ducks

Undeterred by the returning arctic conditions, Kevin worked doggedly on his duck-house development, completing his task yesterday apart from a couple of minor tweaks here and there. We’ll see if the ducks are impressed with his efforts in a couple of days! Puff and Biggles should certainly be pleased as they’ve been provided with separate nesting facilities, although admittedly they aren’t en suite, which could cause some disappointment!

New nest-boxes

Meanwhile, despite winter’s continuing grip outdoors, indoors is a different matter and yesterday, we felt more spring-like when we put our first batch of eggs this year into the incubator. Twenty potential chicks have now begun their 21 day development under our watchful eye and egg-turning duties. I was hoping to be a bit more selective with the eggs and choose mainly marran because of their size, but unfortunately, the hens aren’t laying to their full potential yet so we’ve just had to take what’s on offer. A right motley crew no doubt!

The chosen few!


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