More snow and a feathered friend.

More snowy scenery

There’s been more snow on and off over the past few days, but at least it’s been content to  stay up on the ridge in a purely picturesque, non-disruptive manner! Unfortunately however, the snowy scenery for the past two days was accompanied by a strong, bitingly cold wind whistling down the glen. Needless to say, all the Garybuie fowl were happy to stay within the more sheltered environment of the garden. Today though, the blustery conditions have disappeared,

Breaking through

perfect in fact for a wee walk up the glen where I got the chance to check on any new developments since we’ve been away. After a track was constructed in the run-up to Christmas, between the lower forest in the glen and the higher one, felling is now well underway. It’s amazing how much ground has been covered over the last three or four weeks. It’s difficult to get a sense of scale with these pictures, as much of the workings are surrounded by still-standing trees. As the felling proceeds,  I should be

  able to get a clearer, overall view. As with the felling of the lower forest two years ago, it’s quite distressing to witness the destruction of so many trees. However, with plans to replant using a much larger proportion of mixed, native species, we will eventually have the pleasure of a more natural woodland view, along with a much wider variety of wildlife.

On the subject of wildlife, I haven’t as yet introduced you to a very special feathered friend.  That’s because, until today, she has been camera-shy! She’s a blackbird with a winning personality and she first came on the scene  during the extensive cold spell over Christmas and the new year, when she realised where all the ‘fowl food’ was kept! So every afternoon at feeding time, she would appear in the tree outside the utility room and attract my attention with her soft ‘chook-chook’ call, whereupon she’d follow me through the garden to the bird table and sit patiently on a branch above until I put out a handful of food. As soon as I stepped away, down she’d swoop and pick out all the juicy raisins! Unfortunately, in the new year I bought a new bird table with a roof and she was none too keen. So now when she calls, she gets her own individual serving on the chicken coop roof as I’m en route to feed all the other beaks! Now her beady eye and friendly call has captured both our hearts enough that every time we venture down to the utility room, whatever the time of day, we can’t resist giving her a wee treat. The thing is, she’s now acquired an entourage of a robin, a couple of chaffinch and the odd coal tit who perch on the periphery, ready to pick over any leftovers! And here she is…

Snack time!



7 Responses to “More snow and a feathered friend.”

  1. Dorinha Says:

    What a lovely story. I miss the glen.

  2. Dave Jackson Says:

    I stumbled onto your blog and read a few post. I like your style of writing.

  3. Jennifer MacRae Says:

    Hi Christine & Kevin,

    The new additions are coming on Monday……..Grunt & Groan!!!!

  4. garybuie01 Says:

    I’ll bet you’re all excited! We might have to call in for an ear scratch if we slip into a pigless depression over the summer! (That’s the pigs’ ears, not ours!!!)

  5. Jennifer MacRae Says:

    You are more than welcome to come over for a scratch! Can’t believe it is a year since the last two, how time flies!

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