I blame the Yorkshire Dales!


Near Kettlewell, Wharfedale

I blame the Yorkshire Dales for the lack of blog updates over the last couple of weeks. The Dales still remain one of the few places capable of enticing us away from our little piece of Skye. So, apologies to any regular visitors to Garybuie’s blog for the lack of news and especially to Dorinha and Gillian, who I know to always eagerly (!) await the latest installment! Anyway, we’ve just returned from what’s become our annual visit to both family and old holiday haunts in North Yorkshire and it’s good to be back. 

'ello, 'ello, 'ello - what's all this then?

This year, we stayed in a cottage in Kettlewell, Wharfedale, which apparently was the local police station for a time in the 18th century and still has the old holding cell complete with chains on the wall! Fortunately, all family members were well-behaved during their stay and no lock-ups were necessary! 

Apart from catching up with family and revisiting some of our favourite Wharfedale locations, we also took the opportunity to visit our son and daughter-in-law, Matt and Sarah, in their newly purchased first home! They’d received the keys the previous weekend and were well underway with decorating and DIY projects. It’s a lovely house with a nice garden too and I’m sure they’ll have many happy times there in the years to come.

New home, new cooker!

This year's veg plot!

On the Gaybuie front, just prior to our holiday, there were a couple of minor ‘bloggable’ events. The first was the arrival of our seed potatoes and seeds in general, surely a good sign that spring is just around the corner. Admittedly, some days it feels like a never-ending corner, with wintery showers and sub-zero temperatures still occasionally making their presence felt, but I still had a moment of excited anticipation at the thought of all those future seedlings raising their first leaves skywards! OK, so I’m easily excited, but new life, in whatever shape or form, is a wonderful thing and since we came to Skye, whether growing vegetables or raising chickens, we’ve become part of the seasonal cycle, which is quite a satisfying – and humbling – experience. On a less philosophical note, the second event was the continuing development of the new duck house! Maybe after seven years of ever-evolving projects here at Garybuie, Kevin could set himself up as a ‘Livestock Living Accommodation’ expert! 

Duck house frame...

...and walls!

I think that’s pretty much everything worthy of mention since my last pre-holiday blog! Our neighbours, Mark and Gerlinde once again stepped in to take care of all our creatures great and small and seemingly, they all behaved well! (Especially Mark and Gerlinde!!!) This year the weather was kind to us for our journeys both south and north. It was particularly beautiful for our journey home and the contrast between the gentle grey-green limestone scenery of the dales and the vibrant, blues, russets and greens of the more rugged highlands, was astounding. Anyway, just because I’m feeling all nostalgic after our holiday, here are a few pictures of that tranquil limestone scenery of the Dales… 

Near Kettlewell

Limestone paving

The Strid


Buckden, Wharfedale


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9 Responses to “I blame the Yorkshire Dales!”

  1. mark Says:

    Welcome back you two. Another week of intensive duck talk completed; hens clucked a few couplets; the cats were in good prose style. Best from us M&G.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      I always knew they had hidden talents! That being said, I suspect that MacRae is more of a bawdy limerick kind of guy!

  2. Dorinha Says:

    Lovely photos. I’m glad everything went well.
    Love to you both.

  3. Gill Hulse Says:

    Great to catch up on all news, glad you got back ok. Lots of love xxx

  4. mark Says:

    A white feathered duck called MacRae
    kept himself busy with preening all day
    making sure he looked cool
    by the duck swimming pool
    and keeping the Runners at bay.

  5. garybuie01 Says:

    Very apt!!

  6. Jean Delaney Says:

    Hi Kevin & Christine Enjoyed reading your recent Blog, Enjoyed our get-together, hope you receive this, Love as always.

  7. garybuie01 Says:

    I enjoyed our get-together too, particularly the welcome shoulder on our arrival! Hope to receive more comments in the future! (Don’t forget how to do it!!!)
    Love, Christine x

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