Dismal – but there’s hope!

A cheering sight

Apologies for the lack of Garybuie news recently, but I’ve been somewhat  ‘indisposed’! Anyway, now that I’m back in the world of WordPress, there are a couple news worthy items to report. The weather is pretty dismal today, all grey and drizzly, but tucked away in a couple of spots in the garden is a sight to cheer any winter’s day – groups of snowdrops raising their heads in defiance of whatever the January climate throws at them. Each year, they seem to suddenly appear just at the right time to raise  the spirit and give some encouragement for the remaining winter weeks, reminding us that the world is just sleeping, not dead.

Latest construction work

Also over the last few days, something a little less subtle has appeared at Garybuie. Kevin’s been busy laying the reclaimed flagstones, both as a path and duck-house base. It looks very smart and seems to give that part of the garden a sense of purpose! The path is going to make life so much easier when the weather is wet and the ground muddy. The next task will be to get his latest boys’ toy – the angle grinder – and cut notches in the duck-house base into which the upright posts of the ducky dwelling can be positioned. Goggles and sparks all round!

Meanwhile, the ducks themselves seem more than happy since the ‘big thaw’. They’re all thoroughly enjoying foraging on the surrounding croftland, the Muscovies usually arriving at their destination by flight – even Huff, who seems extremely pleased with his aeronautical endeavours! He can’t quite get the lift, or even the same distance as Puff and Biggles, but it doesn’t stop him from looking particularly smug with his efforts!


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