Thawed out at last

Cool pool!

Finally the thaw has arrived, although it was a slow process. Early signs included the appearance of shallow pools anywhere the ground within the garden dipped. The ARs were the first to take advantage of the new water feature, although I don’t imagine that their dabbling yielded much of interest! Meanwhile, the rest of the garden was still like a skating rink and it wasn’t until a couple of days later that there was any significant improvement.

Duck heaven!

Then, after some reasonably heavy overnight rain, the garden and surrounding croftland had returned to their familiar green and the sound of rushing burns took some getting used to after the previous silent weeks! The drainage ditch within the garden was flowing once more and we barely saw any of the ducks that day as they made up for lost foraging and paddling time! Even Puff was out there for the first time in all these months. She seems to have become far more adventurous since she rediscovered her powers of flight. Kevin even caught her on the house roof a couple of nights ago!

Needless to say, the arrival of the thaw resulted in Kevin attacking outdoor tasks with the energy and enthusiasm of Tigger! (‘The wonderful thing about  Tiggers, is that Tiggers are wonderful things…) He’d previously taken the roof off ‘Piggy Palace’ and in less than a day, the one-man demolition  team had dismantled and removed the structure, ready for re-cycling as the new duck house. It was sad in many ways to be part of the process, as the building held a lot of happy memories from the past five years of our piggy enterprises. However, we’ll always enjoy those memories, but are now looking forward to a new more feathery future at Garybuie!

Demolition man!

Since then, the weather has stayed milder with the odd shower producing some brief, but beautiful sights…

And,on the subject of the weather, one of our new neighbours, Brian, is now the proud owner of some weather recording equipment! So if you fancy getting a current description of weather conditions in the glen, then check Brian’s blog on his website

And lastly, with the demolition of ‘Piggy Palace’ in mind, here are a few of our happy moments to share…

Our first piglets


More piglets!

Making friends

Afternoon nap


TLC for pigs!

 And finally…



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