Crispy duck – almost!

Fed up with being grounded by the seemingly never-ending cold snap, we decided to head for Inverness at the weekend –  roads allowing! The road in the glen was actually the worst of the whole trip, although the usual journey of less than three hours became nearer five – inclusive of a lunch break. 

Snowy tunnel

 The main factors resulting in the extended journey time, were the freezing of the windscreen washers and the very bright, low sun. Consequently, we had to make frequent stops to wash the windscreen. The scenery however, was spectacular. The roadside trees were laden with snow, bowing over the road creating an enchanted, sparkling tunnel. The adjacent photo was taken the following day on our return journey, which was thankfully cloudy and much less time-consuming. Unfortunately it doesn’t capture the magical, sparkling quality of the previous day, so you’ll just have to use your imagination! We enjoyed our brief and cold city break, but were glad to return to an icy Garybuie. On our return, whilst feeding the ducks, I noticed that one of the Cherry Bs was walking stiff-legged and kept fluttering her wings. She also looked very wet underneath –  unusual for waterproof feathers. Crisp weather conditions are one thing, but crispy duck is something we can do without, so urgent action was required! We caught her and she was shivering, so it was into a wee cage near the radiator in the kitchen for a couple of hours to thaw out. By bedtime she seemed fine and was eager to rejoin MacRae and the other Cherry Bs. She’s been well since, although we’ve been keeping a strict eye on her.

Thawing out

On the subject of ducks – what’s new? – since Huff’s flying adventure before Christmas, he hasn’t done anything more dramatic than the occasional low-level flight for about five metres within the garden. Yesterday however, he succeeded in getting more lift and managed to land on Biggles’ favourite look-out post! I think he surprised himself and his tail wagged with pleasure fore quite some time! Meanwhile, Biggles and Puff are becoming ever more adventurous in their aerial forays and there’s always a great reunion between the Muscovy family on their return. 

Surprise landing


Thankfully, there seems to be a thaw setting in which suits me just fine! The scenery which this weather produces is, without doubt, stunning. Performing everyday chores in it however,  is a different matter altogether and quite frankly, I prefer to put my feet on the ground and know that they’re likely to stay there, rather than take some unexpected leap skywards, depositing me on my rear in a most ungainly manner! It’s good to know that some people like nothing better than returning to their childhood with the arrival of the cold, white stuff. Our son and daughter-in-law, Matt and Sarah – along with some sisterly help, are obviously such people and sent these pictures of their snowy endeavours… 

Snowy endeavours



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2 Responses to “Crispy duck – almost!”

  1. Dorinha Says:

    What a wonderful snowman!!! And great picture of the road.
    Miss you.

    • garybuie01 Says:

      With all the girl help I think maybe it’s a snow-woman! If you look more closely, she seems to be very curvacious and even has eyelashes! Apparently she’s still standing during the thaw, albeit in a more limbo-like pose!!!
      Miss you too, Christine

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