Crispy conditions and creature comforts

Still snowy

As you can see, Garybuie and the glen are still snow-covered. It’s certainly scenic but I think that the ducks and chickens are probably of the same opinion as myself – enough is enough! Along with much of the U.K., we humans long for easier driving conditions, whereas the ducks would be more than happy just to be able to paddle in the drainage ditch once more!

Mini hot tub!

Each morning we have to break the ice on the ducks’ paddling pools, but a moment of real pleasure is when I put a bucket of warm water in what’s supposed to be a drinking dish! It’s turned into a kind of mini hot tub experience and the Muscovies always make sure that they’re first in the queue! With freezing conditions set to continue, I can see that we’re going to have to carry on with our spa duties! Yesterday, we met another member of the glen looking for some creature comforts. Kevin and I had gone for a walk up the glen to enjoy it in all its winter splendour, when we crossed paths with John the postie. We spent a few minutes to wish each other a happy new year, when suddenly, a neighbours’ cat jumped through the post van window and settled down in John’s post tray! Unfortunately, those pleading pussycat eyes didn’t convince him to let him stay on ‘stamp duty’ and so he was promptly delivered back in the snow!

Surprise visitor!

But Pat has a cat!



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