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OK, OK, so it’s the 4th of Jan already and I suppose I’m a bit slow off the mark, but best wishes anyway for 2010 from Garybuie! We’re still slithering around on ice here in the glen and our hearts were once again lodged firmly in our throats for Andy and Mary’s  journey home. Things didn’t bode well when we had to rock and push their car just to get it free from the ice on the ground!  

Glass-like glen

Cautious driving down the glassy glen road wasn’t a great start to their journey, but it probably turned out to be the worst part, particularly once they’d got beyond Portree. Thankfully they managed to avoid the most of any falling snow for the remainder of their travels and arrived home safely that evening. There’s no sign of any let-up in the weather in the near future, so I guess we’ll just have to carry on slithering! 

Kevin had a worried look in his eye over Christmas when he announced that the house was subsiding! I have to say that my eye was quick to take on the new look as we went outside to investigate further! In fact, on closer inspection, it wasn’t that the house was subsiding, but that a large portion of the path around the house was cracking and lifting skywards, giving the impression that the house was indeed attempting a journey to the centre of the earth! 


Unfortunately, as the ground keeps freezing, the path is continuing to heave ever upwards, so who knows where it will end up! Looks like an unexpected job for 2010! 

Even though this extended cold snap meant that the Christmas break didn’t turn out quite as expected in terms of day time excursions, it didn’t prevent Andy getting roped into some of our outdoor Garybuie developments! Transferring paving stones from’Piggy Palace’ to the new ducky dwelling site was a job I couldn’t have helped with, so Andy’s superior muscle power was gratefully appreciated! On this occasion, it was good that the ground was frozen as under the soggier conditions of several weeks ago, the garden would have developed a Somme-like appearance! 

Dismantling Piggy Palace paving

On the move!

Wick Chick efforts!

Last but not least, one small event over Christmas was that one of the Wick Chicks came into lay and just look at her beautiful brown eggs in comparison to our usual supply. They almost look like chocolate! 

I realise that the end of December is the more usual time for re-visiting some of the more special events of the year, but family came first on this occasion. Consequently, here I am reviewing events of 2009 at the start of the New Year instead. I hope you enjoy this pictorial re-cap of some of our special events since I started the blog in April… 

Our first ducklings

Our last pigs

Huff'n'Puff's arrival

Arrival of our Cherry Valley ducks...

...and Mr MacRae!

Huff ‘n’ Puff’s new family

Proud new mum Brenda

Our pork 'harvest'!

Friends and former guests, Jenni and Patrick, finally move into their new home on Skye!

 And finally, our two most memorable and special days in 2009… 

Matt and Sarah's wedding


Andy and Mary get married



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One Response to “New Year blog”

  1. Dorinha Says:

    Good to know that everyone arrived safely back home.
    I particularly like the picture of the three little pigs.
    Love to you both.
    Miss you.

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