Worrying weather

I remember years ago when the boys were small, one of the big worries coming up to Christmas was whether their immune systems would fight off all of the inevitable vicious viruses which seemed to target all primary schools at this time of year! I always breathed a sigh of relief if we got to the end of term in a healthy condition, with limited prospects of anyone spending the big day feeling rotten! Here on Skye however, the weather is the worry, when like this year, we have family coming to stay. My dad was supposed to arrive yesterday, but after a forecast of blizzards and gales, we persuaded him to postpone his journey north. All being well, conditions will improve by Tuesday and Wednesday when both he and the newest Mr. and Mrs. Delaney are planning to travel to Garybuie.

Perch with a view

One good thing about the snow however, is the stunning scenery in the glen. Puff the Muscovy is still enjoying putting her newly grown flight feathers to the test, and the handrail on the wee bridge is her latest viewing perch. And what a view! Although Huff has surprised us by taking flight recently, maybe he thinks that the handrail requires more of a precise landing technique than he can accomplish, being such a big lad! Much to the surprise of Puff however, was the very precise landing technique of another Garybuie resident…

Surprise companion!

 Despite the weather,

New duck dwelling

Kevin managed to complete the up-graded duck house at the weekend. Armed with his new angle-grinding toy, (an exciting moment I can tell you!), he removed some of the corrugated roofing from ‘Piggy Palace’ in the adjacent field and re-used it on the new ducky dwelling. And very smart it looks too! It’s certainly been a very useful shelter over the last few years, starting out as a pig house, evolving into a seasonal chicken coop and finally home to the ARs. We introduced the ducks to their new home yesterday evening which confused them considerably, but hopefully they’ll soon learn where to return to. It’s certainly the most luxurious home they’ve had – and the easiest to clean!


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