Festive preparations

Festive feline


On checking the calendar, it seems that I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties this last week. Unfortunately, festive preparations seem to have got in the way of some of our more routine activities. However, the tree is now decorated, the  Christmas cards are made, (although admittedly not all written yet!) and as you can see, Hamie seems to be completely unruffled by all the fuss. An un-fussed puss? We also ventured off the island to Inverness for our Christmas shopping expedition. Our neighbours Mark and Gerlinde once again stepped into their role of animal sitters while we had our one night city break. The weather for the journey was good, although the Cuillin ridge was looking threatening with the most spectacular sky of greys, blues and fiercely bright, almost sulphur yellow. The scene was like something out of Tolkien and guess what? No camera! Anyway, our shopping trip was successful and we enjoyed the weekend, although it’s always good to get home.  

Aliens revealed!


Meanwhile, back in the glen, our suspected extraterrestrial visitors look far more mundane by daylight. As you can see, the basic ground work between the two forests seems to be complete and  consolidation of the track is now underway as far as we can see.  

On the Garybuie front, not much is happening at the moment with our ‘ducky developments’, a task also affected by the festive preparations, but also by yet more rain. Two other factors have also played a part in the delay. The first is that it’s difficult to dismantle the old duck house when MacRae and the Cherry Bs are still in there! The second, apparently, is the lack of a certain magical tool  – an angle grinder! Seemingly this piece of equipment is essential for cutting the bolts which hold the duck house roof on and for cutting slots for wooden posts in paving stones. The first problem was dealt with yesterday evening, when we moved Mr MacRae and his ladies into their temporary accommodation in the garden shed. The second was resolved upon the purchase of said essential equipment in Inverness. It’s like Christmas has arrived early for Kevin! Although we can’t really tackle anything until the weekend, he just can’t resist admiring his new toy in the box and yes, it’s been surreptitiously plugged in a couple of times, no doubt to get the feel of it. I guess it’s a man thing!  

New vantage point


It’s been quite windy on and off over the past few days, an aspect of the weather which ducks don’t seem to appreciate. Consequently, the ARs and Muscovies have spent a lot of their time within the boundaries of the garden where there’s shelter. Biggles has taken the opportunity to explore all nooks and crannies within the garden, along with a couple of new perching posts. Yesterday, while working in the kitchen, something caught my eye through the window – Biggles! A perfect perch for checking up what we humans get up to!


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2 Responses to “Festive preparations”

  1. Dorinha Says:

    I was telling Paul yesterday. _”I bet Christine has everything ready for Christmas. The tree, the decorations and the lights.”
    Love, miss you!

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