Aliens in the glen?

U.F.O.s across the river?

There were some strange sights and sounds across the river at the end of last week. Moving lights accompanied by ominous clanking gave the impression of an alien invasion. Are exchange rates good for Martians at the moment? Is the holiday season being extended by visiting extraterrestrials? Nothing quite so dramatic I’m afraid, just the emergence of three JCBs from the forest opposite which need the assistance of lights to work at the end of our ever-shortening days. The machines have been hidden within the forest for the past few weeks, where they are constructing a track extending to the forest at the top of the glen. Trees at the lower end of the glen were felled back in 2007 and the felling of the ‘top forest’ is the second stage of the operation, the track being necessary for the transportation of the resulting timber.


Upwardly mobile

On a much smaller scale, Kevin has been carrying out some construction work of his own this weekend. The weather finally came good on Saturday, so phase two of the duck development area got underway. Increasing the height of the old pig/chicken/duck house will make mucking-out a lot easier – particularly on the lower back! By the end of the day, the back and side walls were complete, along with a temporary roof. While Kevin was busy with his six-inch nails, (one of life’s essentials here at Garybuie!), I occupied myself with some serious shrub maintainance. Most of the shrubs in the garden haven’t been tackled for a couple of years, so some serious secateur work was needed. I also finally got around to tidying the raspberry plot – another task delayed by bad weather.



All in all, it was a fairly productive day which is always a very satisfying feeling. It also made us keen to continue our endeavours the following day. The weather, however, had different ideas! Never trust a man from the Met Office! At least before things took a turn for the worse, we were treated to the nicest sunset for quite some time…



Tranquil skies


Sunday greeted us with a biting wind, but at least it was dry. Not to be deterred, I continued to battle with the bushes, whereas Kevin replaced the rotten wooden floor in the developing ducky dwelling with paving stones. And that was it! By lunchtime, some kind of vicious arctic front decided to hurl every permutation of frozen water at anyone daft enough to be out in it! Us? daft? Naw…but I think that this twosome should have tried to find a bigger bush…

Hens and hail






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