Adversaries – old and new

Now that our Muscovies, Huff  in particular, have settled into their new home within the boundaries of the garden, we thought it was time to allow MacRae and the Cherry Bs into the garden too, especially as Huff spends a lot of his time huffing and tail-wagging at the  fence-line anyway!  It is after all going to be their new home as well in the not too distant future.  If you’re a regular visitor to Garybuie’s blog, then you’ll know that Huff and MacRae are old adversaries. However, when we implemented the new plan a couple of days ago, it was some new adversaries who confronted the newcomers first…

Prior to this vociferous scene, Walter, second-in-command of the ARs, had performed some serious neck-grabbing on MacRae! No injuries though but there have been several similar confrontations since. Hopefully it’s a pecking order thing and will soon be resolved. Luckily MacRae’s feathers didn’t seem to have been particularly ruffled which was fortunate, as waiting just around the corner was …

As you can see, the ARs didn’t seem overly impressed by Huff’s efforts so waddled off for a refreshing swim after all the excitement! Meetings between Huff and MacRae are now frequent occurences – usually at Huff’s instigation – but even though there’s still plenty of huffing and tail-wagging, they seem to have developed a mutual respect. Not so between MacRae, Puff and Biggles however. He physically attacks them if he meets them and we can’t understand why. Can anyone out there shed any light on the meaning of this behaviour? Fortunately, no injuries occur and the Muscovies are capable of handling themselves, but even so, it’s not a desirable situation.

Antony & Justine

 Getting away from ducky disputes, we decided to have a day out yesterday and visit our friends, Antony and Justine, who moved to Skye last winter and began their new lifestyle as proprietors of the Blue Shed Cafe in Torrin, on the road to Elgol. Because of the busy season this year, we only managed one brief visit over the summer, so it was nice to return now that things are more relaxed. They both looked really well and although they’ve had a tiring and hectic first season, they’ve obviously thrived on it!

Blue Shed Cafe

We had chance to catch up with them and hear all their new plans over some delicious home-made soup and a sandwich. We are really happy that things have turned out well for them, even if they don’t take their holidays with us any more!  Any regular visitors to the blog probably remember Jenny and Patrick, more guests who’ve given up on our self-catering facillities in favour of a place of thier own on Skye. 

Jenny and Patrick

We really must start discouraging guests from moving to Skye – it’s bad for business!

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