New boundaries and bolshiness!

Duck plot plans

 We’re certainly experiencing some good November weather at the moment – rain, rain and more rain! Even so, new plans for the garden/ducks need to move on, so dodging between showers at the weekend, we made a start. As all the ducks will be free-ranging, using the whole of our least productive veg patch as the new ducky homestead seems excessive. As long as there’s enough space to build a duck house, surrounded by enough separable ground for the protection of any future ducklings, then that’s fine. Consequently, we  decided to move the fence in the picture by about a metre and a half towards the treeline, thus enabling us to regain some veg growing ground while still having plenty of room for a good-sized ‘Ducky Den’. 

By the end of the day, the gate was hung from the opposite side of the fence post and the fence was in line with the soon to be renovated ex pig/chicken/duck house in the background. We could just do with some decent weather now for continuing with our plans or the whole area is going to become a quagmire.

Monday was quite a pleasant day however, so I managed to get quite a few outdoor jobs done, including clearing out the polytunnel. It looks a bit barren in there, but it gets me quite excited thinking

about new planting schemes for next season – a kind of blank canvas I suppose! (I’ve told you before that I’m easily pleased!!!)  I’m also considering a move of my potting bench and spare pots etc. down to the far end of the tunnel. There’s an over-hanging Rowan tree there which does cast some shade in the summer, resulting in not the best of growing conditions. At the same time, I will be able to extend the planting area to the entrance where the light is much better. Anyway, after all my efforts  the hens were thrilled with the new look and took the opportunity to have a much missed dust bath!

Returning to ducky matters, as I’ve mentioned before, Huff the Muscovy seems very happy in his new environment. However, new found confidence is encouraging him to assert his authority around the place. Yesterday he showed our cockerel who’s in charge with some serious wing beating and pulling of his newly grown tail feathers! Poor old Snowball, he already endured some serious unprovoked attacks by the ARs back in July! (Blog entry,’Violent times’)  Thankfully, this encounter seems to have been a one off event just as the previous one was. Also, for a couple days now, the bossy Muscovy has been returning to the boundary fence between the garden and MacRae’s patch all of a huff! Is he just visiting old neighbours or engaging in a serious bit of taunting? He should beware, seeing as our future plans involve moving ALL the ducks into the garden! Could be interesting!


 On the indoor front, I finally managed to finish re-decorating the self-catering bedroom. No, I’m not very slow, it’s just that I was a mere three, one metre lengths short of wallpaper and had to wait fo the shop to re-order! Anyway, it’s another winter’s job out-of-the-way!

New look


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  1. Dorinha Says:

    I love the colour!

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