Frosty morning

Frosty morning Frosty morning

We woke up this morning to the first hard frost of the year and a clear blue sky to go with it. The low temperatures had the same effect on all bird life at Garybuie – an increased desire for fast food! The wild bird population showed a keener interest in what was available at the various feeders, whereas Snowball and his girls opted for the ‘stand on the door step and look longingly through the window’ approach! It works every time!

Frosty morning

What's cooking?


Frosty morning

Chilly breakfast!

Meanwhile, all the new residents of the garden seem to be settling in nicely. The Wick Chicks keep themselves to themselves  at the moment, although they’ve thoroughly investigated all that’s on offer. However, they prefer to roost in the utility room rather than the coop – probably because of Snowball’s unwelcome attentions! – but thankfully they’re an unflappable trio and can be easily transferred at locking up time. This evening we’ll ensure that the utility room is unavailable and see what happens.

On the Muscovy front, things are good too. All three birds seem relaxed and happy with their new neighbours, the ARs.  When they do meet up, inevitably there’s lots of huffing and tail-wagging which I suspect is either just a greeting or at most a territorial display. Coming up are Huff and Biggles, introducing themselves to the current residents.  As you can see, the ARs don’t seem to be overly impressed with all that huffing, it’s a different language after all! (And they still steal the Muscovys’ food given half a chance! )At least you can understand where our Muscovy drake got his name!


New perch

Although Biggles has in no way curtailed her curious nature, she at least has stopped using the wall of her former home as an evening look-out post. Instead, she briefly took position on the shed roof, but since then has discovered the gap under the fence which leads to the adjacent drainage ditch. Ahhh! all that delightful dabbling! She’s introduced Huff to her new discovery, but Puff just waddles off in the opposite direction with a   ‘not on your nellie’ look in her eye! (I think she’s actually just taking the opportunity to get away from Huff and his amorous intentions which certainly seem to have increased since the move!)

Huff and Biggles

Come on dad!


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