Introducing ‘The Wick Chicks’!

Yesterday we managed to survive our second visit to the poultry auction in Dingwall. The previous evening we decided to go  with the intention of buying some new pullets to accompany Snowball and his girls. ( I knew we wouldn’t be able to resist!)  We had a fairly early start as the auction began at 10a.m. and fowl kicked off the proceedings.

en route

Worth an early start

It was worth the early start however, (although the ducks and chickens at home might not have thought so!), as the changing sky en route was spectacular. In fact the whole journey was wonderful as it turned into a beautiful day and with a light dusting of snow on the mountain tops along with vibrant autumn colours, the scenery just got better and better. It also helped to calm the nerves before they became completely shredded at the auction! At least we knew what to expect this time with the rapid fire delivery of the auctioneer. That in itself is difficult enough to follow, but combined with a Scottish accent and lots of squawking, quacking and crowing, a serious challenge is presented! See what you think…

Anyway, Kevin rose to the occasion and obviously nodded or winked in all the right places, (even though he did get a bit over excited and bid £5 more than we’d agreed on!), as we came home with three beautiful Copper Black Maran pullets. They originated from a breeder in Wick, hence  ‘The Wick Chicks’!!

Just in from Dingwall

The Wick Chicks


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6 Responses to “Introducing ‘The Wick Chicks’!”

  1. Dorinha Says:

    Are they for eating or just eggs? If they are, I want to try.

  2. Jennifer MacRae Says:

    Lovely ladies Kevin & Christine……I’m sure Snowball will be very impressed!

  3. Andy & Mary Says:

    That guy was amazing!


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